Dan, on how we came to be where we are, also, where we are generally headed

When I was a kid, my parents decided to leave our home in upstate New York and move to Papua New Guinea as missionaries, working on a translation of the Bible in the remote highlands region of the country. We lived in a small, isolated village for three years, and were constantly faced with the reality that any serious attempt at travel, emergency or otherwise, had be by air. The pilots who flew the small, single engine craft became family friends, and I quickly became aware that this was my calling in life- to serve and empower front line mission work using the tool of aviation.

In high school, I heard about Moody Bible Institute and their missionary aviation program, and applied there. As I was working my way through the prerequisite courses, the aviation program moved from Tennessee to Spokane, where I did all of my primary flight training. Finishing the flight program with a Commercial pilot’s license with instrument rating and A&P mechanic license, I needed further flight hours in order to be considered for a pilot position in a missionary aviation organization.

But there was a complication. During the latter part of my flight training, I had become acquainted with a beautiful Spokane girl who increasingly stole my affection. One of the things I admired most about her was her die-hard commitment to serve God as a missionary in Africa. As it turned out, God had designed for the two of us to be a team, and we were married in January of 2008.

We’ve had a first year packed with lessons but also with love and joy, and we are ready to progress to the next step. As we continue to seek God’s will, we are aware that only two things hold us back from the mission field- outstanding student loans and several hundred flight hours. We are looking forward to seeing how He guides our steps.